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Your reliable friend Cheap Taylor Thompson Blue Jerseys is functional funky pictureConstanza Carolina Muñoz Molina : These sheets are a gift from heaven. For the past almost year, I’ve been searching for sheets big enough to fit my queen mattress, three inch foam topper and mattress pad. While most "fit", I couldn’t find a single set that wouldn’t slide off at the corner nearest my head or come all the way up on the opposite side of where I sleep. These sheets are everything I’ve been looking for. They’re soft, THEY STAY IN PLACE, and they don’t move or pull with you if you toss and turn. Will no doubt me ordering more. Thanks Amazon!

Your reliable friend Cheap Taylor Thompson Blue Jerseys is functional funky picture徐誌宏 : I bought a couple of these sheets and they fit then baby bjorn travel crib mattress snugly. They are soft, wash well (they’ve been through a couple of washes) and are great value for money. Would definitely recommend for the baby bjorn.

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