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Michel Dufour, an engineer and sailing enthusiast from La Rochelle, decided to set up his own shipyard back in 1964. Specialising in the design and sale of French yachts for over 50 years, Dufour Yachts has established a reputation as a leading company in its field.

Moving with the times and changes of material and technology Dufour Yachts remains at the forefront of the yachting industry.

Dufour Yachts are divided into the following categories of yachts for sale:

  • Exclusive Range
  • Grand Large Range
  • Performance  36 Yacht
  • Drakkar 24 Yacht

The Exclusive Range

The Exclusive range has been designed to meet the needs for bespoke innovation. Customised vessels created with the individual enthusiast in mind, they incorporate two superior models ensuring perfection and luxury, from equipment and performance, to interior design.

Exclusive 56 is the latest in the Exclusive range of Dufour Yachts. This elegant vessel is a 17-meter luxury sailing yacht which has raised innovation to a new level. The quality comes in combining an exceptionally balanced hull with a strong aft area. The strength and stability of the hull enable it to support a powerful imposing rig which adds to its striking appearance. The combination allows top performance with a minimal amount of effort.

Exclusive 63 is an exciting 18- metre yacht designed with ease of use, safety, luxury and hospitality in mind. It includes an exterior gallery, hydraulic walkway and two side ladders allowing easy access to the vessel. There are relaxation areas both fore and aft. The front one includes two built in deckchairs while the platform to the rear affords additional space for relaxation and sunbathing.

Grand Large Range

The Dufour Grand Large Range was designed with cruising in mind. Yachts for sale, vary in size from 9 meters to 15 meters and come with the perfect balance of speed, safety and comfort.

The 310 Grand Large at 9 meters is the smallest of this range. It is a compact sailboat which is described as being fast, reliable and easy to handle. It has a sail surface area of 50.4 m² with a self-tacking jib. Its twin steering wheel and twin rudder blades give it first class control and unparalleled steering ability.

The 360 Grand Large, a 10 meter yacht is large, comfortable and ideal for long-haul sailing. It is described as being able to reach remarkable top speeds with perfect visibility. This is a unique and top class yacht where comfort and practicality meet. Designed with space and comfort in mind, it epitomises elegance both inside and out.

The 382 Grand Large is 11 meters and ideal for sailing in all conditions both day and night. Beautiful and modern in ability and appearance it is spacious and well balanced. Equipped with a large cockpit and modern interior it also boasts massive fridge and storage options.

The 412 Grand Large is 12 meters in length and was designed to improve on the previous 410 model. One of the major changes was to ensure increased safety at sea with a new cockpit design, closed in by the rear deck. By doing so, it made the yacht more spacious, attractive and safe. Practicality meets comfort and privacy ensuring the living and sunbathing area can be separated from the cockpit.

The 460 Grand Large is 13 meters in length and has been described as an architectural masterpiece. It was designed to maximise on-board space and, with exceptional performance and comfort, it is difficult to resist. Complete with three or four cabins, a bow galley, reading seat, relaxation spaces and sunbathing seats, it is a yacht on which to entertain and enjoy life whether it’s a week-long celebration or an after work outing.

The 520 Grand Large is 15 meters long and the newest stylish addition to the Dufour brand. The aft platform has been redesigned ensuring superior use of the entertaining space including a double level swimming platform. With leisure in mind, the on-board lifestyle is enhanced by easy access to the vessel when at anchor. It oozes ambience and will impress sailing enthusiasts of all levels with its sleek, modern and innovative design.

The Dufour 36 Performance Yacht

If you are a sailing expert, this yacht has been designed with you in mind. It is a 10 meter-long vessel ideal for racing or cruising. Key features include ease of handling, high quality equipment and the interior comforts for which Dufour are well known. It is sleek and sporty and, as it is a performance yacht, you can expect to enjoy the exhilaration of high speed as it glides effortlessly across the water.

The Dufour Drakkar 24

In 2016 the Drakkar 24 was introduced by Dufour to the world and it has been received with great enthusiasm. Whether you are a novice or an experienced sailing enthusiast, there is space in your fleet for the Drakkar. It is a 7 meter-long day boat. If you are a novice who wants to practice sailing as a sport, the Drakkar 24 is the ideal vessel to own. It has large sails and an integrated boom. Sailing experts may want to use it as a teaching yacht. As it can carry up to seven people on board it’s also ideal for family outings. Another key feature is its 1.5m shallow draft keel, which enables it to be easily transportable by lorry.

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