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Turkey, blending Mediterranean with the flavour of the Orient, has become an extremely popular destination for cruising over the past few years with more coastline than any other Mediterranean country and many beautiful anchorages to choose from. Turquoise waters, pine clad hills and dramatic cliffs, combined with small fishing harbours and ancient archeological sites make for a fantastic vacation onboard and onshore. Whether you start from lively Bodrum with its magnificent crusader castle and chic Istanbul clientele, or in the quieter port of Gocek with its myriad sheltered bays and isolated coves, enjoying this unique cruising ground from your own private yacht or gulet will allow you to experience Turkey at its very best.

Weather in Turkey

Turkey has an extended summer season lasting from May to October during which the skies are blue and the waters are warm. In the peak months of July and August, the gentle winds and calm seas make cruising a dream.

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