Sailing as a team on Volvo 60 Ocean Racing Yachts

Team Building in Dubai team building in dubai Team Building in Dubai team building in dubai

Eden Yachting offer an unforgettable experience for your next Team Building in Dubai, sailing on a Volvo 60 Ocean Racing Yacht. There are two yachts available, 18.3m (60ft) in length and completely refitted in 2013, making them modern and efficient. Each yacht can accommodate 15 guests plus crew and are ideal for a group activity.

The whole purpose of team building is to create a bond between a group of co-workers through activities designed to promote cooperation. The desirable outcome is an increase in bonding and understanding between colleagues resulting in efficiency and success in corporate teamwork. But that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of using sailing for team building.

Using Volvo 60 Ocean Racing yachts for Team Building in Dubai is particularly effective as it is fulfils some of the most important team enhancing criteria during the process. It is fun, yet challenging. The team need to work together, to strategize and communicate efficiently in order to succeed. Overcoming cultural differences and working towards a common goal outside of the normal work environment will enhance office intercultural communication.

Team building through sailing is iconic. Sailing in the region is one of the most exciting and popular sporting past times. Whether your team are novices or experienced sailors, the Eden Yachting team building exercise will challenge all levels.

Sailing is action packed. Office politics get left behind. There are new completely different challenges that will allow them to abandon previous agendas and set the team on a course of interdependence to achieve a common goal. Sailing activities come with hidden challenges, unexpected curved balls and the need for ongoing communication and reliance between cross-cultural team members.

The results are beneficial to all concerned. Some of them include:

  • The bond created on the water will last for years to come in the office.
  • Cross-cultural communication improves.
  • There is greater understanding between co-workers.
  • Colleagues get to know each other outside of the office environment.
  • Equipping employees with new skills.
  • And ultimately, an entirely memorable experience where different levels of the corporate team learn to work together to achieve a positive common outcome that is totally unrelated to their usual skill set.

Eden Yachting provides a comprehensive solution for increasing collaboration between corporate teams. Working with facilitators we will custom design effective teambuilding exercises depending on your company needs.

Activities aimed to challenge mentally, socially and physically will bring out the potential best of your company’s most important asset – your staff.

Learn how to adapt to change, control stress, be flexible and learn to see the bigger picture, all while enjoying some of the most spectacular scenery on a never to be forgotten offshore adventure.