Team Building in Dubai team building in dubai Team Building - Volvo 60 Racing Yacht v 60

Dubai is one of the most exciting cities on the planet. It has the third most skyscrapers in the world. It buzzes with vibrancy both day and night, both on land and on the water. Visiting is always memorable, so a team building event in Dubai would rank among one of the best options to impress and challenge the top members of your work force. And there’s no better place for the team building to take place than on board a Volvo 60 Ocean Racing Yacht!

The Volvo Ocean race is known as the Everest of sailing. Eden Yachting have two exciting yachts that have actually raced in this event as Assa Abloy and Team News Corp. Assay Abloy was launched in 2001 when she finished in second place. In 2004, she won the Baltic Volvo race. Team News Corp yacht finished 5th place in the Volvo race. These are excellent achievements considering the gruelling 32 700 nautical mile test of endurance.

These two impressive yachts are available for corporate events including team building in Dubai. Described as a 60 foot racing machine, each is a vessel that gets the adrenaline pumping just thinking about them. They are fast, exciting and powerful, able to sustain speeds of up to 36 knots (41.4mph). With a 17.2 foot beam and 12.3 foot draft, they weigh 30 000 lbs and have a towering mast that is 85 foot high.  Back in 2001, these were the fastest monohull sail-boats in the world and cost $3 million each.

Capacity for team building is fifteen people per vessel. No previous sailing experience is required. Participants can expect to see first-hand the kind of conditions the ’round the world’ sailors have to endure for months on end.  Highly experienced sailors assist those who come to the team building to understand the process and what is expected of them. Novice sailors will be cared for and given the direction they need.

More than one yacht can be used in the team building in Dubai waters using a racing format. This is taxing both mentally and physically. It demands good communication and physical stamina. Many participants have never been on a racing yacht before and the entire experience is one that leaves them with unforgettable memories and for some, the desire to take up sailing as a hobby. The team building competition ends with a prize giving, rewarding those who have risen to beat their competition.

The essence of team building is to breed success and here the environment in which your team building event takes place plays an important role. What better environment to choose than out on the water in Dubai on an event winning racing yacht.  Take your team building to the next level of inspiration by exposing them to the highest standard required to be the best.