PAUL CARNE <br>Team Manager & Helm Paul 1Paul is one of those personalities who does not like being tied to a desk. His ‘can do’ attitude and active outlook on life has allowed him to fulfil a variety of personal and professional goals.

In addition to his Yachtmaster qualification, Paul is also a qualified scuba diving instructor, powerboat instructor, rock climbing instructor and mountain expedition leader. These achievements balance nicely with his extensive career in the UK military, and the wealth of experience gained across this diverse background has helped him to developed both physical and mental stamina, and personal attributes such as self-discipline, diligence, team spirit and ability to work under pressure.

Paul is also educated in business studies, and over the past ten years he has held the positions of Programme Manager at one of the UAE’s top vocational training centres, Operations Manager/Editor at one of the UAE’s most established publishing houses, and is now working in the marine industry.