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Corporate team building activities are very popular as a way to bring members of the company together in an out-of-office environment. One of the most rewarding ways of accomplishing a new level of teamwork is by using sailing with all its challenges to stretch and bond your workforce. Prearranged groups take to the water on high performance sailing yachts and after training and instruction, they need to achieve goals using collaboration and teamwork. No previous sailing experience is necessary. The benefits are numerous and include the following:

1. Reinforcing Corporate Ideas Outside of the Office

There are many metaphors used in business that have their origins in sailing. ‘We are all in the same boat’, ‘a flagship company’, being ‘a mainstay’ and ‘he’s sailing close to the wind’, are phrases regularly heard in the corporate world. Apart from those, one of the most common, “running a tight ship” comes straight from traditional sailing. To experience the real meaning of the metaphors there’s no better way for corporate team building than using sailing to accomplish it.

2. Corporate Team Building Activities in Sailing Increases Team Skills and Communication

This is a dynamic activity that requires participants to be fully engaged. The variations of weather and the sea means an ever changing environment. It requires adaptation, good communication, problem solving, flexibility and of course, teamwork. The competitive nature of pitching teams against each other will quickly reveal the groups that are working well together. A team may come in last place in the first instance, but identify their weaknesses, reorganise themselves and start improving their ranking.

3. Identifies Leadership & Other Skills

Using sailing for corporate team building activities is an effective way of identifying leadership and other skills within your team and there may be some surprises. An employee who has not displayed any significant potential in the office may be recognised as a mainstay of the crew. Attributes such as diligence, a ‘never say die’ attitude, ability to think clearly and stay calm, may suddenly come to the fore. They may always have been present, but never recognised in the office environment. Leadership qualities will also be observed during the corporate team building. Characteristics including taking the initiative, creative thinking, problem solving and organising people, will reveal leadership skills. It’s high impact learning that will enable managers to easily identify different skill sets.

4. Builds Trust

Sailing as a corporate team building activity, builds trust. Relying on one another, working together and achieving seemingly insurmountable goals creates a bond that lasts far longer than the event itself. Colleagues learn about each other. They become trusting and forge stronger business relationships. Greater understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses is carried from the yacht back to the office. Managers too, gain a deeper understanding of their office team.

Corporate team building activities ensure new skills are learned and quite often ignite in some of the participants a new and exciting hobby. More than anything else using sailing for corporate team building is to increase morale and office productivity.