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If you are looking to build office morale, improve employee communication and reduce office politics then you have reached the right place. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.” The reason companies continue to include corporate team building activities into their employee development training is because they have seen the benefits of these activities and their impact on the working environment.

We have put together ten benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities:

1. Uncovering Hidden Talents:

Managers and workers get to see each other outside of the work environment and in a completely different context. This brings to light a whole different perspective where new, unique and sometimes unexpected talents rise to the surface. Managers are able to identify hidden strengths or management skills which may be utilised in the work place at a later stage.

2. Bonding:

Taking workers outside of the office and arranging corporate team building activities for them creates a new level of bonding between all levels of staff. They get to know each other better and learning more about one another opens the opportunity for greater cooperation within the workplace.

3. Improved Communication Skills:

The aim of corporate team building activities is to challenge co-workers to work together and in order to be successful, they will need to communicate effectively. The success in the team building will overflow back into the office.

4. Team Work:

Regularly corporate team building activities include tasks that are only achieved by team work.  With employees having to work together on a project or task outside of the office will increase their ability to work with one another when they get back to their regular work.

5. Greater Understanding:

Corporate team building activities are carefully designed to challenge individuals and bring out their strengths and limitations. On observation, these give greater understanding to the managers and co-workers of the abilities of participants.

6. Trust:

One of the outcomes of corporate team building activities is increasing trust between co-workers. In accomplishing tasks, participants have to rely on others to help achieve a common goal. The trust that develops within the team-building environment often continues to grow back in the office.

7.  Respect:

As co-workers achieve their team-building goals, an increase in respect is often one of the outcomes. A talent for something completely unrelated to the work environment often results in great respect.

8.  Goal Directed Strategies:

Corporate team building activities often aim at driving participants together in a way that has them communicating, planning and implementing their strategy in the most proficient way possible. Doing this outside of the office will increase their ability to focus on goal directed strategies when carrying out their usual work.

9. Creating good memories:

Corporate team-building activities and exercises often result in many good memories. Co-workers will look back at their team building and talk among themselves about what happened on that day, how each person performed, who won what and how it all ended. Team-building certain creates good memories.

10. Relaxing and having fun:

While there are many aspects of the team-building exercises that will be serious business, a large part of it includes having fun and enjoying each other’s company outside of the office environment. Relaxation after the activities bring with it the opportunity to socialise and get to know each other better.

Whatever corporate team building activities you choose, you and your employees are sure to reap the many benefits of getting out of the office and into a different environment.