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Best customer service for Cheap Authentic Chris Culliver Red Jerseys enhance your beauty too pictureShane Bouton
  I purchased this sheet for the Graco Pack ‘n’ Play Winslet and think it fits great and is really soft (though not as soft as their organic portacrib sheets). I was concerned that after washing it might shrink too much – based on some other reviews – but it is a nice tight fit and doesn’t cause the mattress to pull up or anything. Now, the mattress in our Pack ‘n’ Play is really solid and the back side is heavy enough to prevent any sheet (except a sheet that was already too small) from pulling it out of shape. I don’t know if there may be different types of mattresses in other PnPs but I can see that a different type of less solid mattress might pull up a bit with this sheet. Anyway, I am able to put the sheet on over a quilted waterproof pad and the combination is a nice, flat fit that will be safe for our baby.
BTW, our baby hasn’t arrived yet but I will update my review once he does if there are any issues or if it proves to still be a great sheet.

Best customer service for Cheap Authentic Chris Culliver Red Jerseys enhance your beauty too pictureEirik Homstøl
  Fits perfectly, no loose threads or anything it’s been worn and washed a lot since I’ve gotten it and it’s holding up.

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