<strong>Philippe Saad</strong>
Philippe SaadManaging Director
Philippe is a yachting professional who started his business, Eden Yachting, in 2009, selling and chartering some of the world’s most beautiful sailing yachts.

Over the past 20 years, he has cruised and raced numerous yachts locally and internationally. He has also run a series of successful racing campaigns including WTS Energy (2 years), Carat (3 years), GigaWorks (2 years) and Oceanwide Logistics (1 year), racing competitively in the UAE’s top regattas.  For the past year he has been competing in the Dubai Offshore Series on ‘Swordfish’, his Pacific 50.

Prior to setting up his own business, Philippe worked for the BBC for 6 years. He is an RYA Offshore Commercial Yachtmaster, and has over 20,000 nautical miles logged in Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Indian Ocean and Asia.

Besides yachting, Philippe is also a keen pilot and has been flying fixed wing aircrafts since 1996 gaining a bird’s eye view of his favourite cruising grounds.

Philippe has an MBA from Strathclyde Business School in Scotland and speaks fluent English, French, Italian and Arabic.

<strong>Jane Daly</strong>
Jane DalyManaging Partner

Jane has worked in the yachting business since 2009 when she co-founded Eden Yachting. Specialising in corporate events and Formula 1 Yacht Hospitality, she also heads up PR and Marketing for the Yacht Sales division.

Jane started her career in the travel industry and has worked for both British Airways and Silverjet. She went on to specialiase in marketing and PR and is a regular contributor to the regions yachting magazines.

An RYA Day Skipper and a keen navigator, Jane began her sailing career as a child in the UK. She has around 12,000 nautical miles logged in Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Indian Ocean and Asia.

Having both raced and cruised with friends for several years, she bought her first yacht in 2005, and has since owned a number of yachts with her partner.

Jane has lived and worked in many exciting and exotic places around the world including the Sudan, China, India, France and much of the Middle East.