Q & A q and a large
We suggest shorts, a polo shirt, and a cap plus soft shoes with non marking soles, or deck shoes.
Sun cream (not oil), and a camera. We carry plenty of water onboard so you won’t get dehydrated.
No, we take people onboard who have little or no sailing experience. Each skipper gives a full safety briefing before the yacht leaves the marina.
Everyone onboard has to wear a lifejacket, and for racing there is a small safety boat that accompanies the yachts.
You probably already know if you are likely to feel unwell on the water. Tis is easily solved and we suggest that people take travel sickness tablets (non drowsy) one hour before getting on the yacht. It is no fun for you or for anyone lese around you if you feel unwell.
Tipping is purely voluntary and the source of endless debate. If you are happy with the level of service you have received from your Captain and crew it’s customary to pay 10% to 15% of the base charter fee (the amount you paid before provisioning and other fees). It’s best to give the tip to the Captain and he’ll allocate it to the crew members for you.